Company Information

Several decades of experience in various branches of the construction industry and the challenges of the ever-changing world have inspired us to establish our own company.

We are aware that satisfying the needs of our clients and partners at the highest level depends on the estimation of a well-trained, reliable workforce and the optimisation of their working conditions. Our goal was first and foremost to maintain quality and precision in the construction of projects, and we still stand by this today.

Although we have carried out many beautiful, high-quality projects in the construction industry in recent years, of which we are also very proud together with our colleagues, today we concentrate our activities mainly on the sale and expansion of photovoltaic systems.

Well-prepared technicians and salesmen take care of our clients from the first contact to the adaptation of the wishes to the real needs and possibilities. Detailed plans drawn at the desk are implemented by our experienced installers. Our experienced electrician partner company takes care of the electrical connection to the power grid and stays in contact with the electricity provider.

Get to know our company, it would be a pleasure for me to introduce my team to you.

If you would like to have a photovoltaic system on your roof, please contact us!

The „nrtec7“ team