Our philosophy

We are convinced that the greatest challenge for humanity in the coming decades is to get rid of fossil fuels and to delay the depletion of our planet’s energy reserves.

For this global challenge, the most obvious answer today is to make effective use of renewable energy sources.

The often mentioned global warming has recently become a reality, unfortunately it is no longer a dark vision of the future. The droughts and the subsequent floods in our immediate surroundings are more and more massive; the appearance of new pathogens and insect species in Europe that were previously only entopic in the warm climate zone; the aggressive advance of invasive plant species… all are real threats !

„The climate conference in Paris in 2015 was a success: the states were able to agree on a new global climate treaty. For the first time, industrialised and emerging countries agreed that they would all work together to combat climate change. Almost 190 countries have already submitted their climate protection plans. The goal is to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius, possibly even to 1.5 degrees. To achieve this, global net greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced to zero in the second half of this century.

At the Climate Summit, the goal was set to restore 127 million hectares of earth (planting trees), to carry out solar energy-related developments and to double the sums intended for research and development of renewable energy sources.“

We are taking part in this fight day by day.

Let’s support all „green“ solutions. We follow the current innovations as well as trends, we react to the changes.