Photovoltaic installations

Our employees participate week after week to the best of their knowledge in the execution, „Photovoltaic systems – photovoltaic installations and assembly of solar modules“. (Without connection)

The installation of several thousand KW systems is a guarantee of our work. Every day we work with world brands such as Schletter, IBC or Voest Alpin, which manufacture substructures, or with the manufacturers of solar panels: LG, TRINA Solar, YINGLI, Jinko Solar and Canadian Solar.

The appearance of solar energy storage batteries on the market, which have been under constant development in recent years, has opened up new dimensions. The existing systems can be developed, the installation of the new ones can be done from the beginning with electricity storage, which actually ensures the power supply of the buildings, even if the light and the conditions in the athmosphere do not allow the production at all or only to a limited extent.

Our colleagues can easily move on any roof surface : both on flat roofs and on roof coverings with steep slopes, which actually require commercial industrial climbing technology.

Trust us to execute the system you have planned !

Let’s work together for the satisfaction of our customers !